A Pregnancy Project : a Memoir

Topics: Psychology, Focusing Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: June 22, 2013
I watched a movie about a college girl gave birth. The film was really interesting. It gives a lot of moral lessons especially to the college girls like us, those who have no idea what it’s like being a teenage mom and yet willing to take the risk. The film is very powerful, to think that it was based on true story. The main character in the story who pretended to be pregnant for her project, was smart and brave enough to think of something really interesting and then do it. Based on the movie, pretending to be pregnant is problematically hard and tormenting. It’s like the whole world will turn back down on you and everything in your life will get ruined. Her mom was very supportive. Even though her mom knew that it was going to be hard pretending to be pregnant, she still aided and assisted her. The moment she presented her project in front of all the students during the general assembly, I felt nervous and anxious as if I was really there.

For me, I think the whole movie was really about the project, how people would react and to break down the stereotypes. I think she is a powerful woman who had opened the eyes of the teenage girls. I would kill just to get a friend like her. I’m an optimistic person and one of my dreams is to change the bad things in the society, one sequin at a time. I want to change how some teenagers act. Let’s say, for example, some girls are more focused on their boyfriends rather than focusing on their studies. Some are just influencing their friends to do bad things. Even I admit it, sometimes I focus on texting, facebook and sound recording when in fact, I should be studying and focusing on getting high grades. But the difference between my situation and the situation in the movie is that, I truly like what I have been doing and I’m committed to it and also, I know that I will benefit a lot from it. Compare that to doing a project that would slightly ruin your life.
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