A Political Autobiography

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Political Autobiography
Throughout my whole childhood my political views have been heavily influence by my family. When you are younger you usually don’t have any political knowledge and your mind is framed around what your parent’s political views are. My mother and dad are both Democrats so I have a Democratic mind set. Early Political Events

At a young age I was unaware of politics. I remember always hearing about President Bush and how bad of a president he was for our nation. The first political event that I remember was during my seven grade year. President Obama announced that he would be running for president. I remember everyone shocked because he was an African American man and he were to win he would be the first black president that our nation has ever seen. I felt that the black community became one when people found out that President Obama was running for president. The world has never experience this before. Everyone was so proud to be African American. Parties were even through to show their appreciation to our soon to be president. At the time Obama in the 2008 campaign runner up was John McCain. That when I finally knew and understood the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Outside Influences

My seventh grade teacher Mr. Tyler was another major influence on my political views. In seventh grade that when I officially learned about the branches of government and the political parties. He taught me the key differences between the parties that I never knew before. At that time I was heavily influenced by my family about being a Democrat. Because I knew the differences I want to figure out myself what I wanted to be. I found out that year that I want and would be a Democrat. Unlike Republicans Democrats believe in providing aid for a person in need while Republicans believes that if you are poor is because of your choice and that everyone should fend for themselves. Personal Views

I feel that into today’s time that politics...
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