A Poem by Langston Hughes "A Theme for Englisg B" and a Poem by Linda Pastan "Ethics" Which Is More Pessimistic or Optimistic...

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Memorable Assignments

There has always been times that a professor or teacher would assign a paper to write or maybe even a question that 's quite debatable. A professor assigning a paper to free write but I wouldn 't even know what to write about because knowing the professor may either take it offensive or think its not necessary, Or being asked a question that is beyond my thoughts and answering it because it seems to be the right thing to do. When reading the poem by Langston Hughes, Theme for English B, at first it appears to have a pessimistic approach but as it continues it really turns out to have a more optimistic approach. As for the poem by Linda Pastan, Ethics, and her words started off as being optimistic but had a closer connection, however to thinking more positively to the question posed to her. While as the poem m goes on it seems to be more of a pessimistic approach.
Hughes words were a bit moving, it make a reader think that the poem might have been the assignment that his professor assigned him. Well if that was the case then He sure did let that page come out of him. Reading this poem, you can see where Hughes might feel a lack of acceptance in his situation, being the only colored student in his class. He knows being colored and living at that time, there was an obvious contrast within the blacks and whites; he had less freedom the other students in the class. I felt as though him not being having the freedom as the others is why his poem has a bit of a pessimistic approach because unlike the rest of the students, Hughes has to be careful on his view, thinking and what he writes because knowing that the professor is white; it may affect the relationship between them to. I chose a small part of Hughes words that seems to be pessimistic is:
So will my page be colored that I write?
Being me, it will not be white. (27-28)
This is one of the parts in the poem that sounded a bit negative. I 'm still not sure to whom the question

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