a place to relax

Topics: Olfaction, Taste, Odor Pages: 1 (381 words) Published: October 31, 2014
For having good times of relation I always prefer go to the park. The park is a perfect place for me because I’m a person who likes to enjoy the weather, nature and do exercise any time. The park has many thi8ngs that I like to enjoy. For instance, I can enjoy its beauty, do exercise and can go and spend time with my family and friends any time. Unquestionably I prefer going at the par\k to have a good time of relation. I like to relax at the park because it’s a beautiful place to go and have a wonderful time. When I think of having a relaxing time the park near to my house is the first place that I think of going. First, in the park I like to enjoy the smell of the trees and flowers, especially when it’s a windy day. I can appreciate the smell of many kinds of flowers such as purple amaryllis, white aster, purple and blue bellflowers, and red and white roses. The smells of the flowers is seamlessly blended and becomes a very pleasant aroma that makes my mind relax. I also enjoy the way that fish splash out of the water and the kids’ laughter when they throw food to them. The park is a fabulous place for me to have a good relaxing time. Another reason that the park is a good place to relax is because I can spend time with the people who I love. For instance, I usually go onto the park with my family and friend to have a good time all together on weekends. In addition, we always share what is happening with us at work or at school. Also, we make some food on the grill, like barbeque beef and pork ribs, grill potato, hog dogs and roasted corn on the cop. All the food smells, tasted and looks very delicious to eat. When I’m eating with my family I like to see how everyone enjoys the taste of the food. For example, the chicken tasted spicy and am little sweat, potato tasted so soft and salty, the roasted corn tasted sweat, sour and creamy. In addition every time I go with my family and friends to the park I enjoy playing...
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