A. Phillip Randolph

Topics: Black people, White people, Affirmative action Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Carlie Robinson
October 30, 2009
A. Phillip Randolph
A. Phillip Randolph was known as a radical journalist, a labor leader, and a pioneer of civil rights. His mission was to unite blacks against the discrimination which shut them out of well paying jobs in the factories. Many whites and blacks knocked his efforts in the beginning but as time went by people started supporting his message. All over the United States committees of black people were forming to protest in the march on Washington. A lot of people tried to persuade Randolph not to do it but he insisted that it needed to be done. Finally recognizing that he could not be swayed, President Roosevelt signed an order to end the discrimination on plant jobs. This was the beginning of fair employment. Randolph started getting recognized as the most dangerous black man in America because he made someone so powerful do something he really did not want to along with another President by the name of Harry Truman. Randolph’s persuasiveness allowed Truman to sign an order commanding that there will be an end to discrimination in federal civil jobs and armed forces.

The things Randolph were doing caused people to look at him as one of the greatest leaders because he was making a difference in the world. Unlike other civil rights leaders Randolph’s accomplishments were getting noticed by the white and black community which made whites think he was very dangerous to them and the lifestyles they were use to living. I also feel that Randolph was considered one of the most dangerous black males in America because his speeches and the things he talked about really captivated the listeners and made differences. The only way to make a difference is if you have people supporting you and your ideas that are being presented. People supported Randolph’s ideas and made others scared of the progress he was making in the world. That is why he is said to be one of the most dangerous black men in America, because he...
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