A Persuasive Speech About Why Smoking Should Be Illegal

Topics: Smoking, Tobacco, Cigarette Pages: 3 (1300 words) Published: June 19, 2015
A Persuasive Speech about “Why Smoking Should be Illegal” Abbie Carter 8A
Hello, today I am here to talk to you about the life-threatening consequences smoking can have and why I believe that it should be illegal. Across the world, even in the most deprived areas, millions of people are smoking. Every minute of every day, these smokers, young and old, are paying for cigarettes to feed their deadly craving. It is a well-known fact that smoking can seriously damage your health, not to forget the innocent people who are in the presence of harmful toxins and chemicals. Last year, over 42,000 people died from lung cancer, a staggering figure to be lost. What shocks me are the people that continue to smoke despite knowing the consequences. If we don’t take away this hazard completely, the future looks perilous. By smoking, you are instantaneously putting yourself at risk of factors that will impact your daily life. The nicotine in the cigarettes turn smokers teeth an unappealing yellow tint, regular smokers may even find themselves with yellow fingernails. Have you ever sat next to someone on a train or bus and smelt a heavy stench of tobacco? No-one likes this smell so why should non-smokers like us have to put up with it? We shouldn’t. Furthermore, this unavoidable odour can disadvantage smokers when job-hunting, selling their house and many other crucial aspects of life. As a result of the expensive cost but extensive usage of cigarettes, smokers may find themselves being turned away by companies for a job; this means they may not have enough money to pay for housing. Then they are sometimes on benefits and council housing, gaining councils support and money for something that they themselves put themselves into. This is wrong. Are you aware that a single cigarette contains 400 chemicals and over 4000 toxic substances? Some of these include: nicotine, paint, insect repellent, even toilet cleaner! Just imagine all of this inside your body. A lovely thought isn’t...
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