A Persuasive Essay Inspired by the Book: "War Child" by Emmanuel Jal

Topics: Human, Suffering, Third World Pages: 2 (824 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Rising from the near inescapable clutches of extreme poverty and child warfare, Emmanuel Jal has survived to tell his story; to touch lives. His story resides in a critically acclaimed book known as “War Child” and depicts the extreme injustices of the war in Sudan. I recommend reading this book for three reasons: One, it is extremely convicting and powerful in how it is written. Two, it will challenge the idea presented by many stating “why would a just God unleash so much suffering on his people?” to asking the question “why am I not doing anything to mitigate this?” And finally, this book presents what bringing children brought up into war can do to a child’s psych and bring the world one step closer from being a nationally empathetic civilization to a globally empathetic civilization.

Coming back to the first contention stated, I would be willing to say with very strong faith that anyone who reads this will indeed be changed. But first I would like to state that there are two different states a person can be in when reading a book. A person can both be fully immersed and engaged in the rich, emotional content of this masterpiece, or one will be catching some themes and topics but as they read, they find a hard time staying awake mentally and may not catch the true value of the book. The second type of reading, I believe is invalid for anyone who really gives a shot at reading this unless of course that person “has better things to do with their time” but as I have said before, anyone who reads this I believe will be changed and convicted in a powerful way.

On to my second point, I hear this statement said way too much by Americans: “Why would a just God cause so many people to suffer?” Well here is the truth: the question is not why would God allow this, but it is indeed why would YOU allow this? Any human being would say that they don’t like that suffering exists and if they could stop it, they would right? Well where is the action? All I see is an...
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