A Personalised Induction Will Always Be More Effective

Topics: Hypnosis, Sigmund Freud, Clark L. Hull Pages: 6 (1916 words) Published: May 10, 2013
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Date: 30th January 2013
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Title: “A personalised induction will always be more effective“

Personalising Inductions2
Individual Differences2
Traditional Hypnotherapists3
Milton H Erickson3
Clark Hull3
Sigmund Freud4
Modern Hypnosis4
Authoritative v Permissive4

This will discuss the topic if a personalised induction is always more effective and will look at the theoretical concepts and techniques. I will be looking at the permissive technique through the work of Erickson and on the opposite end of the scale I will take a look at the use of authoritarian screeds through the work of Hull and Freud who were known as more traditional hypnotherapists. I will also look at Modalities as another technique in personalising inductions. This essay will argue and conclude that a personalised induction would be more effective however, whether a personalised induction will be more effective can somewhat be debatable depending on the goals of the therapy. Personalising Inductions

In today's society modern professional hypnotists assess their clients, get an understanding of their goals and what they want to achieve from the therapy as well as their expectations and they will discuss with them the whole process of hypnosis answering any other questions along the way so as to allay any fears and reassuring them. During assessment rapport is also being built and this trust and assurance helps decrease the chances of resistance from the client during therapy. No two assessments will produce the same results and this in itself signifies the difference between individuals. There are many techniques, which can be used to employ hypnosis and the effectiveness of each will vary from client to client. One technique may be found to be extremely effective on one individual while the opposite is found on another. Using a specific type of techniques depending on the individual’s assessment outcome is what is called personalising. Individual Differences

Each individual is unique and different in many ways. Even twins have differences between them, however alike they seem. These differences are due to many factors, cultural backgrounds and the environment in which individuals are brought up in have a big impact on these. Everyone has different likes and dislikes and different ways of looking at things. These differences are what make us all unique because of these differences people have different ways of dealing with certain situations, different coping mechanisms and various levels of openness or resistance. It is due to these differences that require hypnotherapists to take these variables into consideration when devising a therapy strategy and selecting techniques to be used for the individual so as to achieve the best result from the therapy. The way we all communicate as individuals is through language, however it is not just with the use of words it is also through body language. The body says many things through its actions which we are unable to do through the use of words and much of the time we do not even realise the actions of our own bodies when we are speaking. Words and body language work together in communicating with others, however when you are in therapy with a client they will have their eyes shut so they will not be able to see the actions of your body to receive the full message you are passing on. This causes the message you are sending to the client to weaken. In order for therapy to be successful we can adapt and personalise the way we speak to suit the clients through tone, pace, volume and altering words for more effectiveness. Erickson (cited in Havens RA 2005 page 14) recognised that every individual is different so they should all be treated as such. Below are two quotes from the book title “Wisdom of Milton H Erickson” outlining the importance of observation of individuals to the...
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