A Personalised Induction Will Always Be More Effective?

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A personalised induction will always be more effective?
The main parts of a hypnosis screed are induction, deepener and the hipnotic suggestions. It depends of the therapists whether they personalise one or more parts of the screed or not. Both decision have their own benefit, while personalisation is suspecious at building a good relationship with a patient and may enchance the successe of the session, a non-personalised screed quicklier, more categorical and like this may save a lot of time for therapist and patient. The conselling and therapeutic approach must be suitable not only for the patient but the therapist as well, otherwise the whole screed going to be strained, unnatural and most likely unsuccessful. There are many different approaches and everyone of them have advantage, so anyone can find the therapist who match to their expectations. However if a therapist is ready to provide a flexible approximation and willing to develop the therapeutic approch to the patient instead of try to form the patient to their own therapy will attract more future patient.

A number of patients have an unreal fear of hypnosis resting on misbeliefs or fals informations and expectations. In this case personalisation adviseable by all until patients anxiety is eliminated.

In some special cases inductions and screeds should not be personalised. For instance group therapies, audio or audiovisual carriers (CDs, MP3s, DVDs,) or educational materials. In these cases more general is more useful.

Hypnotic induction is the preliminary part of a hypnotic session, consists of a series of instructions which leads into hypnotic trance where the effective therapy can get started. As such it plays an important role in the whole procedure, the success of the therapy may depend on the right choice of an induction technique carried out by the therapist.

There is a huge variety of different hypnotic inductions, however most of them follow some basic rules and all must bring same results such us body and mind relaxation, reduced external while increased internal awareness with a narrowed focus of attention, increasing fatigue and bringing trance state, to be procured by those principles like using a specialized language, tone of voice and the proper structure of an induction. It depends on the suggestibility of a patient, but in most cases (85% of the adults has a moderate level of ability to be hypnotized) induction is successful if uses a simple vocabulary, give well traceable instructions with time designations and easily interpretable contents and it has to be repetitive with using slow monotone or rhythmic voice. The most common inductions which follow this pattern are Fixation induction, Indirect induction, Relaxation induction, Progressive relaxation induction and they are usually successful on a level for anyone who has the necessary suggestibility, however there is a further method of personalisation to enhance succeed and create a deeper trance.

A hypnotherapeutic treatment process comprises counselling, therapy and a number of hypnotic sessions. The wild range of therapeutic and counselling approaches may determine the type of induction and screed used by a therapist some of them like to personalise inductions or others may use this method only in special cases.

Although how people adapts their surroundings appear quite different from each other the fact is that humans are the same on a way they all use a relatively narrow range of tools and processes to build up their personalities from the same components. What makes them seem to be even so remarkably different is the numerous possible outcome of this process. According to the proportion of the components, endless number of unique unrepeatable pattern can be created. Several psychological studies referred mapping this field, some of them can be very useful in personalising hypnotic inductions and screeds...

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