A Personal Narrative On My Experiences With Language And How It Has Changed

Topics: Super Bowl, President of the United States, Barack Obama Pages: 3 (506 words) Published: March 25, 2015

The purpose of the numerous amount of news outlets is to inform the general population of events and occurrences that they would normally not have knowledge of. It’s so people in New York can know that Texas was hit by a severe storm. In general, to keep the country connected. But, when did it become about getting your own personal opinions across? When did it become a platform for individuals to express their bias unto the populous? Nowadays the news is constantly flooding the airwaves and newspapers with bias opinions and skewing information so that it supports a certain view. All to benefit a specific person or group. If asked if I believe news outlets report the news objectively without any bias, or if I believe they either intentionally or unintentionally give biased reports I would have to agree with the latter.

I agree with the statement that news reports are from a biased stand point because even at the age of eighteen I have witnessed or even had it shown to me how the news will leave something out or add an unnecessary part to an article to have the piece sound as if it agreed with a certain side. There are numerous examples to back my opinion. In august of 2014 the Islamic extremist group known as Isis seized thousands of properties from Christian residents. This should be a big deal but major news outlets such as ABC CBS and NBC didn’t provide its viewers with any information on this topic. In November of 2014 reporter Melissa Francis was effectively silenced by CNBC for criticizing Obamacare. She had stated that there were mathematical errors, rather than political problems, present that wouldn’t allow people to keep their own healthcare. This statement proved to be true as many Americans found there healthcare canceled. She was told that her statement was disrespecting the President. Again the news showed its bias by dedicating half an hour to the deflate gate scandal of the future super bowl winning New England Patriots while only a minute...
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