A Person Who Made a Deep or Lasting Impression on Mee

Topics: Family, Sibling, Bird Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: September 19, 2012
Describe a person who left a deep impression on you when you were young. I grew up in a large family with three brothers and three sisters. My father was often busy with his business and my mother had her hands full looking after my younger siblings and attending to the household chores. I grew up largely in the company of my elder brothers and the neighbourhood children. When I was seven years old, Uncle Wee Seng moved in with us. He was slim and tanned. At a height of 1.78m, he was unusually tall for a Chinese. Sporting bushy eyebrows and intelligent eyes on a friendly face, Uncle Wee Seng also had a relaxed air about him. I did not know much about him except that he was my father’s younger brother and was a bachelor in his thirties who had recently left his job. My uncle was an expert at making things, and taught my brothers and I how to make kites that flew beautifully. We even learnt how to fashion whistles from blades of grass and wood to make bird calls! My family was living in the Malaysian countryside at that time. Uncle Wee Seng knew exactly which of the wild plants and fruits growing around the area were edible. He could even identify birds and insects by their calls! Once he found a baby bird in a drain. Uncle Wee Send brought it home and the bird was later always seen perched on his shoulder! In addition to his many talents, Uncle Wee Seng was a master storyteller as well. In the evenings after dinner, he would hold us spellbound with his tales of ancient Chinese heroes and their exploits. His expressive voice and dramatic actions never failed to add interest to his stories. Because of this, there was always a group of children around him, hanging on to his every word and action. I also discovered that my uncle was a relatively good magician. He could make coins disappear into thin air and pull out reams of coloured ribbons from his clothes. However, Uncle Wee Seng had flaws just like any other person. His Achilles heel was that he was too generous...
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