A Person Who Has Influenced My Life

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Drama Scripts

Narrator : once upon a time , in a small village lives two sisters who is experiencing the
loss of their beloved mother. Lucy and Lily are rarely on good terms as they
usually argue due to the strong sibling rivalry between themselves. With the loss
of their mother , their arguments got even worse than it already was. One day ,
they had a big argument while on their way to find the “well”.

Lucy : NO ! I’m the older one ! therefore I get to recite it !

Lily : but momma loves me more ! she always give ME treats , not YOU !

Lucy :

Lily :

Lucy :

Lily :

Lucy : ughh , whatever ! hey , LOOK ! that’s the well momma described to us !

Narrator : lily starts running towards the well at full-speed. Lucy quickly follows after her
big sister.


Narrator : lily arrives at the well and starts reciting the incantation. (~~~) lucy who does
not want to be left behind quickly starts reciting it as well and tries very hard to
catch up to her sister. (~~~) as soon as they finished reciting it , they were both
sucked into the well by a powerful vacuum-like force.

SCENE 2 (at beautiful garden)

*both sisters pant and moan in pain

Lucy : ughh , ouch , ouch , WHAT WAS THAT ?

Lily : *groans* how am I supposed to know ?! you’re the older one !

Lucy : you know what , that’s absolutely correct . that’s why if you had just let me
recite the incantation ALONE , then this would not have happened !

Lily : ughh , you BRAT !

Young Witch: young lady ~ you seem desperate for help. May I help you ? *grinning*

L and L: who are you ?

Young Witch: I’m just passing by and see you are here. What happen ?

Lucy : we don’t know what happened . we were.. err.. we got lost .

Lily: yeahhhh….

Young Witch: alright alright. I can help you. Come to my house and I’ll show you the way to
go back in your world.

Lily : OMG seriously ?! thank you sister ! I’m so hungry , I’m so thirsty . haihhh..

Lucy : is that all in your mind ?! seriously Lily, can you please just be quiet ! ughh..

SCENE 3 (at witch’s house)

Young Witch: come in. make yourself at home. Grummer ! send them to the “special” room.
Our guests must be tired. *whisper – and locked them forever !* you can have a
rest girls .

Grummer: ohh , I would love to do that . this way girls .

L and L: thank you sister .

Narrator : so , the Grummer send them to the “special” room. Unfortunately, it is not as
special as what the girls thought. They are locked inside with other prisoners.
Suddenly , that young pretty litty witch.. transforms ! to be an old ugly ducky

Old Witch: HA – HA – HA .. I’ve tricked you ! now you will stay here.. FOREVER ! Ha-

Lucy : what ?! let me out ! who are you ?!

Lily : *cries*

Old Witch : now I have this two little girls . I can make my potion even more SUPER
DUPER POWERR ! ha ha ha..

G and Lily: *dance along*

Lucy : what are you doing ?! she’s going to kill us ! yet , you were still dancing ?! >.<

Grummer: have a nice day in prison , dummy ! ha-ha-ha..

SCENE 4 (at witch’s living room)

*knock knock* the old witch turns to be a young witch

Seraphina : I’m getting ugly ! I want a potion that can make me beautiful again ! I need your
help . NOW !

Young Witch: oh sweetie , you’ve come to the right place ! *laughs*

Serophina : oh , please please please my dear friend , Vilantia ! I’m verging on madness
here !

Young Witch : my , my , I have just the thing here *wiggles potion*

*Seraphina reaches for the potion*

Young Witch: oh sweetie, but it comes at aprice *laughs*

Seraphina: I’ll give you anything , ANYTHING !

Young Witch: as you wish , my queen Seraphina.

*young witch gives Seraphina the potion....
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