A Person Who Had a Big Influence on My Life

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It was a stormy night. The atmosphere was heavy and the environment was clouded with darkness. Rain was pouring like cats and dogs. I had been an orphan since the day I was born and now the orphanage had abandoned me. Lying in the dark, stormy streets I was getting wet head to toe. There was no one walking around, or at least that's what I thought . My eyesight barely managed to let me detect that sevven men in black coats, black shoes, black mask and black gloves were heading my way.

I was filled with terror. I wished that they didn't detect me. However, my luck, as usual, had always been cursed. So it decided to side with the devil. I managed to get up but I was too frightened to move. Then I suddenly heard a loud noise. That is when I felt someone pushing me and a moment later I realized that I had bumped into a wall. I also, now having ' regained my senses' understood that it was a gunshot. I saw a man lying on the floor. He was shot dead. However, that was all only in my imagination of my own creation. I realized that when he suddenly stood up.

He held my hand and looked at me for a second. His look was one of concern and his grasp was one which seemed to reassure my safety. It felt like he would not let go. We started running and he quickly pushed me into his house. He locked the doors and shouted to everyone that he had returned. Abruptly, many children came rushing down the stairs and from the kitchen came a woman who gave me a cheerful smile.

The man introduced me to the kids and the woman. Not only did he save me and give me a new life, but he also gave me a family and he took away my loneliness.
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