A person that drives me crazy outline

Topics: Sociology Pages: 2 (404 words) Published: November 25, 2013
a. Introduction
b. Think back to a time when you were standing in a long line or stuck driving impatiently in heavy traffic and someone cut in front of you. Now remember the emotions you felt. Did you do anything about it? Most of us don’t. We think about what we should say, sometimes it even reaches the tip of our tongue but never gets delivered. c. I find myself in that exact predicament every time I interact with my good friend Ivan. Ivan is a social media addict that poisons everyone with his delightful materialistic, hypocritical, vulgar personality. d. Materialistic

A. Designer fashion
e. Posts pictures of his new watch on all social media.
f. Posts pictures of his new jeans.
B. Judges others
1. When we are out in public he always points out cheap items people have g. If you don’t look like him he won’t even talk to you
C. Always talks about what he is going to buy next
1. Posts on social media about how he’s getting the newest/hottest items h. Talks about celebrities all the time
i. Hypocritical
A. Politics
1. Says he supports something one day and the opposite another depending on the audience j. Supports democratic parties and policies with a republican standpoint B. Extremely Judgmental
1. Always has something to say about somebody publicly
k. Publicly criticizes people
C. Arguments
1. He states his opinion and if anyone counters his viewpoint he gets extremely offended l. Constantly makes statements on very contradicting subjects m. Vulgar
A. Inappropriate
1. Pictures of half-naked men
n. Makes multiple sexually explicit comments
B. Humiliates Publicly
1. When he is upset with someone he shares their secrets publicly o. Calls people out on personal things they have done
C. Opinions
1. Crude viewpoints on current social events
p. Extremely vulgar always cutting people of mid speech
A. Ivan constantly posts thing that are outright offensive that boil my emotions but I can’t seem to get the courage to...
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