A Person in Love Will Sacrifice All for the Object of That Love.

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Love, Suicide Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: March 1, 2007
What is love? It is said that love is the emotion that cannot be chartered or measured. Love gives the person ecstasy and torment at the same moment, it gives the person freedom yet it enslaves them. The definition of love is very broad, however the most notable definition of love is sacrifice. The most famous play throughout history that comes close to this description of love is Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare. The love that this couple shared put them against their parents and society, their friends and confidents. Their love in the story was so strong that it helped them end their lives, which was the ultimate sacrifice for love; the fact that they couldn't live without each other. A person in love will sacrifice all for the object of that love.

The play Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare shares the tale of a couple who couldn't be together because their families were rivals in society . What started out as a mere infatuation became to be an intense passion for one another, in other words, true love. "Their experience on love gives each of them the strength and desire to pursue their love against all odds and makes them willing to die for love"(absolute Shakespeare). The actual time where their love was tested which determined if their love was true, appeared when Juliet is announced to marry Paris. By this time Juliet is the wife of Romeo, however Romeo was banned for killing Tybalt which didn't allow Romeo to be with his wife. Instead of taking the other direction and marry Paris she refuses and begs her father not to marry Paris. The father doesn't like to be contradicted and explained to dear Juliet that she will be dragged to the alter if necessary and if she still refuses she will be exiled and left in the streets. Juliet states that if all else fails she will commit suicide. The friar has been helping Romeo and Juliet with their love affair and has a plan so Juliet won't have to commit suicide and will still be with Romeo. Juliet...
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