A Perfect World

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A perfect world for me will be
I read in some place that a perfect world is a single panel to be painted about how someone is dreaming to live in a world without pain and sadness and where all of our dreams come true. People dream about a perfect world and did do nothing to change the world there that we they have! Maybe I will live in a better world in a few years if the people learn how to not be selfish. As well a A world where people won’t be as materialistic as now-a-days, where people are kind and respect each other would be ideal to me. In a perfect world the violence will not exist and there will be less fewer reasons for sadness. Maybe the this world will be not exist the way there that I wish, but I can still have a dream about it. I heard that the perfect world will be a place where people will care about each other and give less value to acquiring materialistic possessions. Efforts in taking care of each other will be done because in a perfect world people are not perfect, but they can have a different attitude to make the world better. In my opinion, people can wish to acquire materialistic possessions but this will be a part of happiness not the total. Would it not be great if everybody could have all materials goods? However, they will never let those things be more important than their relationships with who???. I do not mean that people cannot have those things, but they just will not only be focused on reaching it and forgetting to be pleasant. Being gentle and , considering the way people are must be part of the world, perfect or not. Societies could should improve their relationship by concerning the choices that individuals made. Now-a-days societies do not respect anything and it will would be a dream if we lived in a world where people cared about nature, animals, traffic, and the private life of others. For sure there is not a perfect world, but we could be better in this one part to gain and show...
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