A Perfect Date
Topics: Scuba diving, Dinner, Indonesian cuisine, Coral reef, Question, Marine biology / Pages: 2 (359 words) / Published: Nov 7th, 2010

Anyone who watches beauty pageants must be aware of the questions the participants get asked. Who do you admire most?, What is your idea of a perfect date?, What do you want to do in life?, What is your greatest achievement? etc etc. Have you ever tried answering any of these questions for yourself? I think about it sometimes. What i'll say when someone asks me these questions. Let me start with my idea of a perfect date then.

For me my perfect date wouldn't be just an evening, it would consist of activities for the entire day. Waking up to the beautiful sound of the waves, in a cottage, on a beach in Bali. Watching the sunrise over the mountains. Having a picnic breakfast on the beach with the traditional Indonesian food. Then going scuba diving to experience the exquisite coral reefs and underwater marine life. Having the first underwater kiss. Coming back to relax for an hour or two. Going out for lunch to a traditional Indonesian restaurant. After lunch go for a lazy leisurely walk in the jungles, looking at he birds and the flora and fauna. Come back to a relaxing couple of hours at the spa for a back and foot massage. Spending some time lying on the beach to watch the sunset while drinking wine. At dinner time dress up in a beautiful dress for a candle light dinner at the beach with no one to disturb us. Soft music playing in the background and champagne for drinks. We slow dancing to the soft music. Eating exotic seafood for dinner. Then going for a long walk on the beach barefoot and hand in hand. Standing at the shore with the waves gently lapping at our feet, under a moonlit sky and a million stars, looking at each others eyes and ending with a kiss that lasts for eternity.

This is what my perfect date would look like. Not sure though who my perfect date would be, but i am penning this now on the 6th of Nov 2010 and will wait to see how long it takes to be reality.

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