A Patch of Blue

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A Patch of Blue Elizabeth Kata 5/2/06
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A.This story takes place in the nineteen-sixties. It is an urban setting. The story takes about two weeks. B.The point of view in this story is third person. It is third person because it say worlds like me, my, and I. C.The story starts out by telling us what has happen to Sileena. Sileena is the main character, she is 18 years old and she is blind. She is blind because about thirteen years ago her father had come inexpediently home from the war and mother was with a client and Harry chopped up the guy. Sileenas mom Rose-Ann was so mad that she tried to pour acid on him but she missed and got sileena and it took away her sight. D.Sileena is very respectable and a good worker. She is respectable because she is blind and yet still tries her hardest to please her mother and her grandfather. She does this by waking up extra early and cleaning, making coffee, and breakfast. She does this while being blind and they still act they she isn't even there sometimes.

She is also a good worker because she is blind and she has been stringing beads for eight years now for a man named Mr. Faber. Sileena doesn't even get the money for the work either it goes to her mom Rose-Ann. Also she doesn't even complain when she has to do extra work around the house.

Gordon is very outgoing and caring. He is outgoing because he saw a lonely girl in the park and went up to her and asked if she needed help with out even knowing her. He also came back day after day to help her just because.

He is caring because he helped her because he found out she was blind so he helped her string beads, brought lunch, and even took her his house one hot day to cool off. He is also caring because he has done so many things nobody would go out of their way fo E. The story starts out by telling us that she became blind when her mother accidentally threw acid in her face. Then thirteen years later we catch back up with...
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