A Passion for the Planet

Topics: Patagonia, Capital, Five Capitals Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: August 16, 2010
Case study: A Passion for the Planet
Summary of the case study
Patagonia Inc, which located at California, was seller outdoor clothing and equipment that has well reputation among others. Their company’s goal is to produce the highest quality products while doing the least possible harm to the environment. The company has successful to implement their goal as the centre direction for employees in achieving the company’s goal. Patagonia, with the 39 stores in seven countries, works hard at achieving that delicate balance. They provide all the employees needed such as day-care center, medical benefits, bonuses, and some special perks that probably could not find within similar company like Patagonia. That’s why Patagonia may grow at a healthy rate and retain to gain the best reputation among other industries. 1. What role, if any, does McGregor’s Theory Y play at Patagonia? Explain. From our opinion the McGregor’s Theory Y has put some roles for employees at Patagonia in terms of how they value their work responsibilities. Due to appreciate their work, Patagonia own goal is to produce the highest quality products while doing the least possible harm to the environment. That mission was a daily inspiration for Patagonia’s employees from the top management up to the lower management. This one guides for every decision in Patagonia. Trust became the foundation of the company to guide their employees to do the right thing, meanwhile they provided the tools and time they need to do it. Patagonia has embedded awareness to their employees that working as a part of their daily life and same fun as other natural activity.

2. How does Patagonia build human and social capital?
Patagonia values their worker as its capital to their company. They threat their employees nicely and highly appreciated for what they did. This kind of threatened has increase employees motivation. From gaining motivation they will become loyal to the...
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