A Paper On Type 1 Diabetes Case

Topics: Diabetes mellitus, Insulin, Diabetes mellitus type 1 Pages: 2 (953 words) Published: March 18, 2016

A Medical Literature Review on a Case of Type 1 Diabetes
Lindsay Chandler
Type 1 diabetes a serious disease that requires lifelong monitoring and treatment. This paper first discusses the major risk factors associated with type 1 diabetes. Following this discussion is a description of an individual living with type 1 diabetes. Finally, the results from a literature review on type 1 diabetes are discussed. From this literature review, it was found that there are many modifiable factors that allow one to manage their type 1 diabetes including taking insulin, counting consumed carbohydrates, eating healthy, and getting adequate physical activity. Objectives

To obtain background knowledge on the risk factors associated with type 1 diabetes To describe and analyze a particular case of an individual with type 1 diabetes To discover what current medical research has to say about type 1 diabetes *Disclaimer: the purpose of the writing is to fulfill course requirements for BBH 411W and to stand as a personal writing sample, but the findings should not be treated as generalizable research. A medical literature review for a case study of type 1 diabetes Type 1 diabetes mellitus is associated with an abnormality in one’s immune system. Diabetes is characterized by abnormally elevated levels of glucose in the body due to a lack of insulin being produced. NOTEREF _Ref410732280 \h \* MERGEFORMAT 1 Insulin is the hormone that transports glucose into cells where it can there be used for energy. NOTEREF _Ref410732280 \h \* MERGEFORMAT 1 Without adequate insulin, glucose cannot be used for energy and the symptoms of type 1 diabetes emerge. NOTEREF _Ref410732280 \h \* MERGEFORMAT 1 The main symptoms recognized in people with type 1 diabetes include excessive thirst and hunger, excessive urination, and high blood sugar levels. NOTEREF _Ref410732280 \h \* MERGEFORMAT 1 There appear to be both genetic and environmental factors responsible for...
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