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Book Review: A Painted House by John Grisham
by victoria.lai,on August 9, 2012
[March 25, 2001] John Grisham’s latest novel, it is a breathtaking story starts off during September of 1952, and takes place in rural Arkansas with an extremely poor family. A Painted House is a nostalgic coming of age tale, the whole story is revolves around a young boy Luke who lives with his grandparents and parents on a large cotton farm. In order to make money, they grow cotton every season and sell it to the local cotton store for the entire year. In order to pick more cotton on their farm, and to work more efficiently, Luke's family must rely on hiring "hill people" and Mexicans who show up to make money every season. The Mexicans in this story are such poor, dirty. But they have mild mannered and work hard, and they are also very friendly to Luke’s family. However, there is a mysterious character in the Mexicans group named “Cowboy”. He is the one who dresses like a cowboy and always causes trouble, he has the relations with Hank's teenage sister. In the end of the story, they run off together and are not seen again In the book, a loud-mouth man name Hank group led the Spruill family also come down from the hills to help Luke's family. He has a weird attitude and bad tempered, he always fights at any given time. Luke has a bad feeling about Cowboy and Hank. Because both of them loves to fight and Hank carries a switchblade at all times. Finally, Cowboy brutally murdered Hank and tossed his body into the river, after that he run off with Tally and never to be seen again. No one knows what happened to Hank except for young Luke, but Cowboy threatens to kill him and his mother if he tells anyone what he saw. Before Hank killed by Cowboy, he ready fought with Siscos when Luke's family goes to town one Saturday, and he killed one of the siscos boy. The main character in this book is Luke, he is portrayed as a innocent boy in this book. He’s one of dreams is playing Major...
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