A&P2 Chapter 19 Review

Topics: Blood, Immune system, Red blood cell Pages: 4 (935 words) Published: February 15, 2012
Chapter 19 Review Questions
1. Reviewing the 5 WBCs
2. The formed elements of the blood include:
WBCs, RBCs, and platelets
3. Blood temperature is approximately ________, and blood pH averages __________.
38 degrees C, 7.4 pH
4. Plasma contributes approximately _______ percent of the volume of whole blood, and water accounts for ______ percent of the plasma volume.
55 percent, 92 percent
5. Serum is:
Plasma minus fibrinogen
6. A hemoglobin molecule is composed of:
Four protein chains and four heme groups
7. The process of homeostasis is as follows:
Vascular spasm, Platelet phase, Coagulation, Retraction, Fibrinolysis 8. Stem cells responsible for lymphopoiesis are located in:
All of the above options, the thymus and spleen, the lymph nodes, and the red bone marrow. 9. _______ and _______ affect almost every aspect of the clotting process.
Calcium and vitamin K
10. What 5 major functions are performed by blood?
Blood 1)Transports dissolved gases, nutrients, hormones, and metabolic wastes, 2)Regulates pH and electrolyte composition of interstitial fluids throughout the body, 3)Restricts fluid losses through damaged vessels or at other injury sites, 4)Defends against toxins and pathogens, and 5)Stabilizes body temperature. 11. What three major types of plasma proteins are in the blood and what is the major function of each?

Three major plasma proteins are 1)Albumins, which maintain osmotic pressure of plasma and are important in transport of fatty acids, 2)Globulins can be transport globulins and bind small ions, hormones, or compounds the blood might otherwise filter out at the kidneys, or they are immunoglobulin and attack foreign proteins and pathogens. 12. Which type of antibodies does plasma contain for each of the following blood types?

a. Type A = Anti-B antibodiesb. Type B = Anti-A antibodies
c. Type AB = Neither Anti-A or Anti-B antibodiesd. Type O = Both Anti-A and Anti-B antibodies 13. What four characteristics of...
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