A new Light on life

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A new light on life I have always been a waterfall enthusiast. It all started when I watched Jurassic Park for the

first time. The waterfall in this movie seemed so majestic and magical, I have always thought

waterfalls had special powers. I always imagined that I will find a waterfall somewhere with a

hidden lost world behind it. In my life time I have visited several waterfalls. The one waterfall

that has been a favorite of mine is the Minnehaha waterfalls mainly because it is local an easy to

get to. It has been a peaceful place for me to enjoy a few hours away from home. At times I

enjoy walking the trails emerging myself in all the colorful scenery. I started thinking why I have

never took the time to really observe the waterfalls themselves. I decided that I was going to the

waterfalls again. With this visit I found something inside myself that I had never noticed before,

I had never paid attention to details, and the waterfalls allowed me to start experiencing life in a different light.

I started to ask myself why I have never thought to do this before. As I get out my car I

remember why. Years ago I had noticed some teenagers playing under the rushing water,

they seemed so care free. I wanted to get in the water but my hesitation and fear of being

sucked under the currents powerful grasp stopped me from going any further.

Today I know if I want to experience the waterfalls true beauty I must put all my fears

behind me.

With all my fears behind me I walk toward the waterfalls .I suddenly hear the crashing

sounds of the waterfalls. The winds blow a quick smell of stinky fish, and I feel as if I am

by an ocean . I walk closer and see a continued row of various lemon and grapefruit

sized rocks that form a three foot wall. I decide to start at the beginning of the waterfall,

and I have no idea what I am looking for. I hear an abundance of chirping crickets that

are carefully hidden in the thick brush surrounding the top of the waterfall. I peer over the

ledge of the small bridge and I see a slow moving current in the river bed that’s leading to

a sharp rocky dip in the river. The water is a dark amber color, and it quickly turns into

fast white rapids. Some of the shiny coins that people have tossed are following the water

to its long drop to the bottom. I have a hankering to follow the shiny coins over the

waterfall’s ledge, but I know I would never survive the dreadful drop. I decide to take

the stairs.

When I reach the bottom of the stairs I marveled at the massive height, I never

noticed how enormous it was before. I wonder what I can see differently this time. As I

walk closer I come across a weathered green iron fence that has a sign that says “keep out

danger”. As I stand there staring at the sign I feel cool spritzes of water on my skin. I

know I must keep going. I jump over the scary sign, and I fell scared and excited at the same

time. There are hundreds of towering shrubs and brushes on the forbidden path. The waterfall sits in the middle of a rocky cove. The crumbling slabs of layered rocks seemed

as if they have been broken over time. It looks like nature had a pallet of blood red, forest green

an carrot orange paints and used the rocks as its canvas. The thick vines that are hanging all

over the top of the waterfall’s cove are long enough that Tarzan could swing from them. There is

thick emerald green moss scattered throughout different areas of the waterfall’s cove. I noticed

fuzzy lime green moss near the foot of the waterfall where the water landed into the deep pool

at the beginning of the river. As I looked around I knew there was still more to see, hear, touch

and smell.

I stopped for a second to scavenge over the rest of the waterfall. I finally...
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