A New Kind of Dreaming Analysis

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“A New Kind of Dreaming” – Anthony Eaton
Section 1 – Arrival
Plot Development
The story starts off with Jamie arriving at Port Barren then goes into a back flash when Jamie had been talking to Eddie before he had left. Eddie is locked up in prison and Jamie is about to be sent to Port Barren. They have a quite strong relationship because as they were growing up they had no one else but each other. Their mum died when they were young and their father disappeared somewhere but he was never there anyway. Jamie meets Lorraine, the social worker/cop who seems to be different from the others he has dealt with. She then tells Jamie that Eddie has visited the hospital prison five times already because he has been baldy bashed. This comes as a shock for Jamie. Jamie is then introduced to his host. His name is Archie and he is around 70/80 years old. He hardly speaks. As Archie is leading Jamie to his house Jamie encounters a drunken cop that tells him to watch out, he ignores this and as he is about to enter Archie’s house a cop car pulls up. Jamie is scared at first because the cops cannot mean good. He is confronted with a fat cop who chokes him and tells him again to ‘watch out’ just like the drunken cop did. He is also confronted with another cop, but this cop does nothing just gazes at Jamie. The police car drives off; this is the end of the first section. Character focus/quotes

Jamie – Jamie is a young 17 year old boy that’s been in a lot of trouble and involved with around 5 different foster homes. He has a weird feeling when he arrives at Port Barren. He finds the cops and Archie a lot harder to play his games with. ‘This guy’s is gonna be different’ (page 30, lines 14 and 15, thought) Eddie – Eddie is Jamie’s older brother. He is also in trouble with the law, he imprisoned. He seems like a good brother to Jamie. He is been badly bashed in prison though. “…Family? For as long as Jamie could recall, his family had been Eddie…” (Page 18, lines 27 and 28, thought.) Lorraine – She is a tanned middle aged woman whose job is to look after people like Jamie. She travels from Port Barren to Karratha for her job. She has her methods for finding out what she wants to know. “I've got my contacts” (page 27, lines 7 and 8, speech) Archie – Archie is an old fellow. He is aged around 70/80 and lives by himself. He barely speaks to Jamie but Jamie doesn’t mind him and likes him a lot more than the other foster parents he has stayed at. During the first three chapters Jamie reckons Archie has only said three works to him. He also has a deep strong voice. “Jamie had the feeling that he wouldn’t be so easy to fool” (page 30 lines 20 and 21) “Archie didn’t reply, just turned back to Lorraine and gave a slight nod…” )Page 31 lines 24 and 25) Butcher (Sgt E Butcher) – Butcher is the police officer that strangled Jamie. He is fat but surprisingly very agile and fast. He has a high, soft voice. “Despite his size the cop moved like lighting” (page 37, line 12) Theme

The theme so far seems to be mysterious and eerie. Jamie keeps on having bad and weird feelings about the place. The reader keeps on relating back to the prelude where they encounter the boat and whether the dead boat has anything to do with the weird feelings Jamie keeps on getting. “Halfway across the highway, with the heat rising from the black tarmac like a physical presence, Jamie stopped dead. A feeling of cold gripped him, coming from right down inside, making him tremble. Something bad, something evil had reached out and touched him as he crossed the road. His shoulders felt tight and heavy, his breathing became shallow and forced, and he fought back a wave of nausea. He couldn’t explain it, but he had this instant, eerie feeling that something was very bad with Port Barren.” (Page 22 and 23, lines 29, 30, 31 and 32 (page 22), lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 (page 23)) Questions

What makes Port Barren so weird and why is it making Jamie feel like something is wrong...
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