a negative effect between britain and its colonies

Topics: Playground slide, Bacteria, Immune system Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: December 31, 2013

One bright, sunny morning, Petunia the pathogen was visiting the amusement park/water park. But, before she could leave her house, she had to get dolled up. She put on her earrings, made herself purple and then she started off. Petunia started her day off by going onto the doorknob to get a ride through Louis’ body and into the amusement park. Along the way, Petunia met Peter the pathogen. He was very nice to her and they were going to spend the day together. Then, when she got into the park, the first thing she saw was a clown blowing up a big red balloon. It was like the greatest thing he had ever seen. The first ride they went on was the water slides. Petunia liked the waterslides because she can race these things called white blood cells. The worked yelled out “on your mark. Get set. Go!” and they were all off. Petunia was in the lead the whole time and she beat a new record. Then, the cells were rushing to the finish line. Next, Petunia and her friend started to walk when suddenly security guards yelled out “Hey! There they are, the ones that stole the money from the register.” Then Petunia tried explaining that they have the wrong people. The guards were circled around them and Petunia fell to the ground and tried crawling. She got out but before she could try to help Peter, the guards already destroyed him. She was very upset but nothing could ruin her day of fun. Petunia was walking around the park and she saw a place where there were a bunch of pathogens that were pregnant. The pathogens were going on rides that were meant for pregnant women so they can have fun at the amusement park too. But the guards came in to the area to help the workers because things were getting to intense and pathogens were getting mean. Then all of a sudden the sun started to show up more and the temperature was rising to over 100 degrees. Petunia started walking again. She had to find a snack stand so she could get something to eat because she has had a pretty...
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