A Narrow Escape - Paper

Topics: World War II, World War I, United States Pages: 2 (960 words) Published: May 15, 2012
“I am hit …. Abandoning craft code Alpha-Tango”, The instant Smith heard the sound of the coolant steam hissing through the rotor of the SR-71 Blackbird he knew that he was going to go down .This was not part of the plan, Smith was 22 years old he had joined the army two years ago few months before Pearl Harbour was attacked. He was not an angry young man but had joined the army as all he ever wanted to do was fly planes –fighter planes, but now he was fighting the World War II .After the World War I Smiths family didn’t want him to join the army but he went against their wish, now he was regretting it. Pearl harbour had just been destroyed and here he was in the middle of the war. The sirens fired in now bringing Smiths focus back, Smith’s head was filled with all the different sounds of war .He was gliding through the deadly skies of Japan. A US craft had been blown to pieces and its blast had almost blinded him and his craft was covered in smoke and just then the bullets of the enemy had ripped past the rotor of his craft making the craft useless and he had to abandon it. He had abandoned his air craft and all methods of contact but escaped with the parachute. Even luck had turned against him and he had landed in the forest cover of Japan. He had seen a couple of houses towards the south of the forest while landing and hence headed in their direction, but he had miscalculated how deep inside the forest he had landed. If he had not learned to the survival techniques he would have been dead in no time. When he was hunting for food he had to wait for a long time until an animal came into his trap, he had to starve many nights and had to stay aware all night. It took him about a month to exit the forest. He stole a pair of clothes from the clothes line of a house at the edge of the forest. All means of communication had been cut off from him. He was penniless hence he couldn’t contact his people .If anyone had told him that he was going to be walking like this...
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