A Narrow Escape

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A Narrow Escape
This is a true story. It is the story of our narrow escape from sudden death. My brother who is handicapped & myself went to Dadar in Mumbai to visit an Aunt. She lived very near the beach. I was just 15 then & my brother 5. We loved going to the beach but normally always went with our mother or elder sister. On our way back, temptation got the better of us & we came up with the great idea of walking along the beach instead of taking the taxi back home. If we walked along the beach we could get onto the road at the Mahim Fort some distance away from Dadar, from where we could take a taxi to our home. All this seemed fun. We were very excited. My brother totally agreed with my idea. However, we did not tell our aunt about all this, as she might refuse. She thought we were going to take a taxi back home. So off we ran to the beach, once our aunt closed the door. On the beach, we got playing on the sand, making little sand castles, collecting sea shells of all shapes & sizes & time & again dipped our legs in the water enjoying the waves that lashed against the shore. We wrote our names on the sand only to be erased by the coming waves. The tide was coming in but we were blissfully unaware of anything. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. We had a great time. We drank coconut water, ate bhel puri & leisurely walked along in the sand. My brother has a paralyzed right hand & walks with a limp. But nothing came in the way of his enjoyment on the beach that day. We splashed water on each other’s faces. I ran and he tried to catch me. We had so much fun. Time passes so quickly when one is happy. Our games continued. We never knew when afternoon turned to evening. It was beginning to get dark now and it was then that we decided to move on. Engrossed in play we had forgotten to look around. We moved ahead slowly, not noticing the tide. We walked on crossing the rocks and boulders. As we moved ahead, at one point, we were shocked...
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