A Mystery

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Chloe, the “perfect” queen bee of Rosewood Day rules the school with her four best friends, Jasmine, an artsy kooky, independent girl, Kim, a die-hard swimmer and who is fiercely protective of Chloe, Amanda, who is desperate to be perfect and popular at all costs, and Carter, an ambitious A+ student, the only one of the group ever to stand up to Chloe. When their best friend and leader disappeared at the night of their 7th grade sleepover, the girls are devastated but also secretly relieved to be rid of the girl who uncannily discovered all their darkest secrets.

Three years later, the group of friends has grown apart. Jasmine has returned from her two year trip to Iceland. Amanda has totally transformed and is now the most popular girl in school along with the former geek Holly. Kim is going for a swimming scholarship, and Carter has become ultra-competitive with her flawless sister Bethany.

Later in the story Chloe’s body is found, and as horrified as the girls are, they think that their secrets are finally safe. Soon after, they begin to receive messages from a mysterious person known as –M. The threats turn to blackmail as M brings out all their brutal memories and dirty secrets.


Each one with a secret, so scandalous and wrong
I think I’ll keep it

But only two can keep a secret if one is dead

You think the truth is this big shiny disco ball of purity

Then go ahead and try it. See what it gets you.

Telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time is how I ended up where I did.

Take it from me you're always better off with a really good lie.

Each one with a secret, so scandalous and wrong
I think I’ll keep it

But only two can keep a secret if one is dead.

I used to be the geek and one with no friends

As I sat here through my tears
then we all became close to each other

But it all ended too fast

I look back on all the years

Games we lost and won
the prom where we had so much fun

Having fun with great laughter
we all lived happily ever after
Goodbye to all that came my way.


Ah, Carter is stealing
from who, you ask?
From her parents to who
disclaim her cause her past.
Why is she stealing?
Oh, this fun
the secret is she’s adopted,

She also found out she wasn’t the only one

She has a half brother and sister
Oh how surprised she was


Next on the list is Amanda
Once chubby and fat
But now has blossomed
that’s a fact
she will do anything to be queen
Even if that means
eliminating everyone
who stands in between?
Amanda is on a mission
but that won’t stop her lunch
the secret is she purges
Oh, self-conscious much?


Lets talk about Jasmine
Our sweet, quiet girl with sense
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves
She’s not that innocent
See here, Jasmine likes older
And I mean older men
But what if moms new
Boyfriend wants her instead?
Naughty little Jasmine
the secret is they kissed
or maybe he kissed her
Ah, but didn’t she kiss him back?


Last but not least, Kim
Oh, Kim
Once into girls but wait
Now its guys
Kim’s lovely new boyfriend,
hot oh yes indeed
But the secret is she hasn’t told him
She’s played for the other team

The only one really who kind of gets M’s game

Even though all of M’s black mailing

Leads to dead ends


Naughty girls within
These girls should be
Paid dearly for their sins
You see, my name is M
My identity concealed
I know their secrets
Not afraid to reveal
This game would be easy
If they just do what I say
My instructions are clear
Or theirs secrets are to pay
My texts are warnings
I tell them what I...
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