A Movie That Deals with Diversity Issues

Topics: Discrimination, Woman, Black people Pages: 3 (1254 words) Published: October 17, 2008

In the movie The Color Purple, there is much racial and gender prejudice, as is obvious. There was a moment in the store when a well dressed and likely financially well off black lady, with what may have been Celie’s baby girl, was making some purchases in the local store. The shopkeeper regarded her harshly, but was very obliging when he realized that she would buy something. He was also very rude and had even less regard foe Celie, who wasn’t so well dressed and so appeared poor. The white shopkeeper was rude to both of the black ladies: the first because she was black, and the second because she was poor and black. The position of the black woman in society as the lowest of the low, put upon because of both her gender and her color. Racial and gender prejudice are the main prejudices, and that is quite obvious and quickly evidenced by the way women and girls are treated. It portrays how women were beaten and raped in that society at that time by their own people in the community. There is also prejudice against what is considered to be ugly or beautiful. Celie had a bright wide, beautiful, smile,\; but was made to feel that it was ugly and that she was ugly. Celie and Netty were sisters and yet because of their looks, one was more accepted than the other by their father. The father considered that Celie was ugly, and so should therefore not be as highly regarded as Netty. The father thought nothing of giving up Celie to the first man that came calling even though the man was after Netty, the younger of the two sisters. Netty and Celie’s father told the man that Netty would never be available to him, yet he gave up Celie so readily. The mayor’s wife, Ms. Millie was, despite her charitable efforts to make it appear otherwise, very prejudiced against blacks, even though she had a soft spot for the children, perhaps, or perhaps it had something to do with her not having...
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