A Mother S Strength By Tori Sartain

Topics: Family, Mother, Father Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: April 16, 2015

“A Mother’s Strength.”

When we think about a mother’s love we think of an endless and forever kind of love. I understand that even though not all mother’s may be the very best, there are still some that are superior. In the story, “All Over but the Shoutin’” Rick Bragg explains and demonstrates his mother’s love. His mother’s love can easily be compared to the widow in the bible. Both of these women were hard workers and devoted to their families. Both women had to struggle through their lives of being an only income for their families and not having a husband and father figure to love and support.

First off in “All Over But the Shoutin”, Bragg’s mother was a hard worker that made sure her children were given exactly what they needed. Even though times weren’t always the best, Bragg’s understood that his mom was really and truthfully his mother and father figure and that she deserved his uppermost respect. In the story of the widow in the bible, this mother was also faced with trials throughout her life. She was as well the only income and worker for her family, but she was so determined to make it work. Together these two women were faced with trials that a man and woman should go through together, but instead chose that since they weren’t going to have their “fairy tail ending”, they were going to be all that they could for their children! Their comparisons are truthfully self –explanatory. As I’ve discussed, the mother’s were both the head income and leaders for the household.. They were also hard workers and devoted to their families. Also, even though they didn’t have much, they gave all they had to those that were in more need then them. For example, in “All Over but the Shoutin” Bragg’s mother always gave to Rick’s aunts and uncles who needed some cash. Even though it might not be much, she always was trying to help them. Then we look at the widow who gave all she had into the treasury. Even though this wasn’t a lot it just proved that she had...
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