A Morning Song Essay
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A Morning Song In her poem, “A morning song”, Eleanor Farjeon has expressed the beginning of when the world was created. It gives the imagination of when God first created the lands. This poem provides a description of how beautiful the earth was when it first came to life. The poem is a form of lyric poetry known as “odes”. Odes are imaginative, expressed with a meditative, intellectual tone, but do not have a prescribed pattern (Clugston, 2010). In the first sentence “morning has broken” gives the insight of the first morning of the new world. The poem expresses creation from the creator. Eleanor wrote the poem in a Gaelic tune, in which forty years later Cat Stephens made this poem into a song. This poem is beautiful and it makes you feel good inside after reading it. It puts to mind you are like out in the garden all by yourself and nothing matters but the ground at your feet and the trees and flowers that surround all around you and you hear nothing but the birds singing and you smell the air of springtime. It is a calming and relaxed tone that is breath-taking. Eleanor Farjeon began writing poetry as a child at the age of seven. She was recognized for writing several volumes of different stories. She has also written poems and even plays for children. In 1956, she received the Hans Christian Anderson Award for recognition in children’s literature. She was also friends with famous poets such as Robert Frost and many others. “A morning story”, is a beautiful and heartwarming story. It shows beauty as the landscapes of nature and shows satisfaction with imaginative details. This poem had a lot of content to it but the main content in this poem is morning. The poem describes the “morning” into what every morning brings when the sun first rises. Like the birds singing and the first dew of the day that lies on the leaves and the grass and the first morning air of freshness. The poem speaks out as if
God was telling us the story himself.

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