A Mixed Economy: the Role of the Market

Topics: Economics, Capitalism, Market economy Pages: 3 (832 words) Published: February 25, 2013
A Mixed Economy: The Role of the Market
A Mixed Economy: The Role of the Market
From U.S. Department of State
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* mixed economy
* free market economy
* government intervention
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* Health Economics
* Free Market Economy
* Economy
* Market Price
* Macro Economics
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The American free enterprise system emphasizes private ownership. Private businesses produce most goods and services, and almost two-thirds of the nation's total economic output goes to individuals for personal use (the remaining one-third is bought by government and business). The consumer role is so great, in fact, that the nation is sometimes characterized as having a "consumer economy." This emphasis on private ownership arises, in part, from American beliefs about personal freedom. From the time the nation was created, Americans have feared excessive government power, and they have sought to limit government's authority over individuals -- including its role in the economic realm. In addition, Americans generally believe that an economy characterized by private ownership is likely to...
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