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A Minecraft Adventure

By Herayloyce May 04, 2013 333 Words
He turned the key in the lock and opened the door. To his horror he saw a portal to another dimension. This portal started sucking him in like a vacuum. He ran and ran and held on to the frame of the door. He could not hold on and he fell in. All was dark. Pitch black. Not a light in the sky. He thought “how can anything live under these bleak conditions?” Suddenly he heard a faint cat like noise then saw a bright light advancing toward him at an alarming rate. He ducks and the light source explodes right behind him. “This cannot be real.” He says. He hears the sound again and another light source, faster this time, comes right past him as he rolls to the right. Again the light source explodes. He remembers he has a flashlight in his backpack for emergencies. He pulls it out and sees a strange stone-like surface all around him. Without any warning another light source comes out of nowhere and explodes right in front of him. He dodges the initial blast but the flying debris that touched his skin starts blistering and burning. The burn seems to penetrate through his skin and right to his bones. The burn is excruciating. He screams and yells. He grabs the water in his pack and drips a little on the wound. The burning stops. He sees shelter in the strange layout of the terrain. He runs and ducks behind the wall of rock. He realizes this strange rock is quite warm to the touch. The strange cat-like noises continue, however the exploding projectiles have stopped. He turns his flashlight back on and looks around his shelter. There are strange plants that, instead of flowers, have odd bulbous warts on the top. The plant did not seem to have a problem with low light and no water. He shines the light directly on the plant and the plant just sinks into the ground.

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