A Message to Garcia. story Review

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A Message to Garcia

The story of A Message to Garcia first starts when a war broke out between Spain and the United States. While the war broke out Garcia was somewhere in the mountains of Cuba, no one had any whereabouts. There was no way to reach Garcia and the President had a mission on mind, he needed Garcia and he was set on finding him.

A name was mentioned to the President of a man named Rowan, it was said he could find Garcia for him. Rowan had been assigned to deliver a letter to Garcia, it took Rowan four days to travel by boat when he landed off the coast of Cuba. Through hostile territory Rowan traveled by foot, within three weeks he delivered the letter to Garcia. In this story it was clear that he couldn’t express the things Rowan did to deliver this message, it was something incredible and not anything to boast about freely. The point the tried to make was that Rowan was given a task in which he asked no questions, he just did as he was told. The writer gave his opinion of what this meant to him. He said men don’t need to be book smart nor have a lot of knowledge on this subject but rather some courage, loyalty and trust. These things with some concentration are what it means to “carry a message”. I believe he’s saying it takes a man with no fear or hesitation to get the job done.

At this point in the story General Garcia is now dead. The writer states this isn’t where it stops, there are many other Garcias.. Meaning story’s like this one. He says no man will succeed by being foolish or only working half hearted, he believes you will get out of the situation what you put in to it and if you don’t have heart for what your trying to accomplish..your not going to be successful.

Elbert Hubbard the writer of this story puts another example in to perspective for the audience to think about. He talks about six clerks, he puts one to the test. He has asks the clerk to look in the encyclopedia and make a short memorandum explaining life of...
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