A Message to Garcia - Paper

Topics: Spanish–American War, Task, Elbert Hubbard Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: August 19, 2012
Cait Milly
Book Report
1.TITLE: A Message to Garcia
6.PAGES: 26
8.SUBJECT: This article is the story of a certain message being tasked and delivered from the President to Gen Garcia in Cuba before the Spanish-American War. The task was simple and ambiguous. Maj Rowan ultimately succeeds in his mission to deliver the message without any complaint. 9.OPINION: I believe that the ultimate message conveyed through this concise document is how to be a good follower, for no one can be a successful leader if he knows not of how to follow. There is a time and a place for questions. Sometimes, it is time to act and accomplish not delay and worry about how or why. 10.INTRODUCTION: The President of the United States chose to task Maj Rowan with delivering a message to Gen Garcia in Cuba. Maj Rowan asked no questions, only set out immediately to achieve the end goal – delivering the message. 11.BODY: This article shows the embodiment of an obedient, intelligent, and reliable man accomplishing the tasks that he was given. Maj Rowan, in the article, never asked ‘Who is Gen Garcia?’, ‘How will I find him?’ or even ‘Why am I doing this?’ Maj Rowan accomplished this goal by his own means, on his own terms. The assignment was his and his alone. Companies, institutions, nor any business place succeeds if its employees are not competent. An employee is hired for a specific reason; whether for a skill set, prerequisites, or over all image of the company. These employees are brought on the team in order to accomplish certain things throughout the time spent there. In order to succeed in life, there must be a multitude of things that motivate a person. That person should have, among other things, personal courage, pride, tenacity, initiative, and enthusiasm. One needs personal courage in order to do the things necessary to accomplish the...
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