A Memorable Event a Memorable Moment

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A Memorable Event
A Memorable Moment

The day started off as any other normal day but I would soon find out that this day was different. Like any other teenager I loved going out with my friends and so like any other Friday evening I was going out with my friends. I was going to go to my friend’s house to pick him up and we were then going to get something to eat. I got to his house picked him up and we left to go get something to eat. We were halfway there when I got a phone call from one of my other friends that he wanted to come along too and so I turned the car around still on the phone and stopped at a red light. As soon as I came to a full stop two men on a motorcycle stopped in front of my car and one of the men had a gun in his hand. The man with the gun ran up to my slightly cracked window and yelled “Open the f’n window.” At this point I didn’t fully understand what was going on so I closed my window. The man then pointed the gun at me and started screaming, “open the window or I’ll f’n shoot you.” I then rolled down the window and as soon as I did he snatched the phone out of my hands and looked at my friend and yelled, “you too bitch, give me your f’n phone.” My friend then gave him the phone without hesitating. After he put the phones away in his huge jacket he yelled, “get out of the f’n car right now.”I immediately hopped out of the car and he grabbed me and started padding me down, he took me wallet and all the loose cash I was carrying. He did the exact same thing to my friend and took his wallet as well. He then hopped into the driver seat and honked at his buddy to move and they conveniently drove away in my car. My friend and I were left there at the intersection with all the cars just stopped and staring at us and we were just so traumatized that we didn’t even move for about a minute. When we realized what had just happened we walked over to the nearest store and asked them if we could use their phone. I knew that there was no point in......
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