A Memorable Day

Topics: September 11 attacks, World Trade Center, Aircraft hijacking Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: February 23, 2014
A Memorable Day
September 11, 2001 was a day in history that no one will ever forget. This day marked the terrorist attacks on New York City, when multiple airplanes crashed into two very remarkable landmarks, the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. As the buildings slowly fell to the ground burning, people watched as many others life’s flashed before their eyes. This was just after the millennium had taken place, and people were busy enjoying life in the city, when out of nowhere, a terrorist attack happened. People had no idea this was coming, and while many in the city saw it right in front of them the whole entire country watched it on the news wherever they may have been. These attacks were compared to the Pearl Harbor Attacks of 1941, one similarity being that the World Trade Center was at the heart of one of the world’s largest cities (Kaiser). I remember this day, when I was sitting in my third grade classroom and my teacher got a call from the office. She started crying and right after she had gotten the news we were all sent home. When I got home my TV was on and my mom was sitting in front of it crying. Though we did not have any family in New York, it was still a tragedy. We watched as the Twin Towers came crashing down and people jumping out. That day was a true tragedy that nobody will ever forget, however it has made our security, our people, and our country much stronger. This event was very important to those living in the era because it showed us what could happen and that there are terrorists who can get through our security system. This made our country aware that it needed tighter security. Transport Security Administration (TSA) says that approximately 1.8 million passengers pass through our nation’s airports every day. TSA started handling the security right after 9/11 because before 9/11 private companies contracted with airlines or airports provided security. (“Traveler Information”). Along with the limitations on bag size and...

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