A Matter of Choice

Topics: Mother, Family, Marriage Pages: 4 (1361 words) Published: April 2, 2013
A Matter of Choice
Ziad Chemali
UofC continuing education
Hatem Hammad

Women are the ultimate symbol of fertility and nurture for the human race, and life without them is meaningless. They are the main source of love, sensitivity, and warmth. Women can handle anything thrown at them; for instance, during World War II, as men were conscripted into the armed forces, wives were left to manage their families alone. At the same time, women entered the workforce to fill the gaps in the market left by their soldier husbands (Vaizey, 2011). Nowadays, most of the working women are also mothers, which is a modern and common matter of choice. In 1960, less than 20 % of mothers with preschool-aged children were working, but by 1990, this portion had increased to about 60% (Leibowits & Klermon, 1995).Work is beneficial for mothers, besides the money they make, work offers them important opportunities and resources that may promote parenting and a sense of well-being. Working minimizes social isolation and helps develop and refine skills like problem solving, dealing with diverse sets of people, and working with a team. These abilities provide people with the kinds of environments and experiences that they need to do well in the world (Buehler& O’Brien, 2011). However, there is a greater price to pay as a society if women focussed on their own lives and neglected their responsibilities as mothers. When mothers stay at home, family bonds will strengthen, mothers will be less stressed, and children will be properly nurtured. The primary concern when mothers are occupied with careers is that their closest relationships suffer- family bonds will strengthen when mothers stay at home. Family will no longer be limited to just a word; since children, mothers, and husbands will actually embrace what a family really means. They will have more time to establish and solidify strong bonds as children will feel more comfortable to actually...
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