A March Day in London

Topics: Love, Literature, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 4 (1200 words) Published: December 9, 2014
A March Day in London
Jewish not accepted in English society
One sided loce
Sufferings disease suicide
Written in the victorian but the qualities of a wordsworthian poem

Amy Levy

The east wind blows in the street to-day;(shelley’w ww)
The sky is blue, yet the town looks grey.(romanticism)
'Tis the wind of ice, the wind of fire,(paradox)
Of cold despair and of hot desire,(paradox)
Which chills the flesh to aches and pains,
And sends a fever through all the veins.

From end to end, with aimless feet,
All day long have I paced the street.
My limbs are weary, but in my breast
Stirs the goad of a mad unrest.
I would give anything to stay
The little wheel that turns in my brain;(mental anguish)
The little wheel that turns all day,(anaphora)
That turns all night with might and main.(alliteration)

What is the thing I fear, and why? (Rhetorical)
Nay, but the world is all awry--
The wind's in the east, the sun's in the sky.
The gas-lamps gleam in a golden line;(alliteration)
The ruby lights of the hansoms shine, (chariot)(light imagery) Glance, and flicker like fire-flies bright;
The wind has fallen with the night,(beginning of peace. When the town is asleep) And once again the town seems fair
Thwart the mist that hangs i' the air.

And o'er, at last, my spirit steals
A weary peace ; peace that conceals(oxymoron or transferred epithet) Within its inner depths the grain(enjambment)
Of hopes that yet shall flower again.

Ends with hope like te romantics. Beautiful visual imagery.

Amy Levy was born on November 10, 1861 into a bourgeois Jewish family. She grew up in Clampham, London with her seven siblings. Amy’s Father, Lewis Levy, was a export merchant while her mother, Isabelle Levy, stayed home to raise the children. When Amy was fourteen years old she attended Brighton High School Girls’ Public Day School Trust. In her high school years Amy showed a great amount of literary talent. In 1889 Amy was the...
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