A manager's rolewithin the functional areas of business

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A Manager’s Role within the Functional Areas of Business
October 29th, 2013

A Manager’s role within the Functional Areas of Business
When people enter an establishment, they expect to obtain an amazing product and a memorable service. Those are the two things that will inspire a consumer to go back to the establishment and relive the experience. Making that memorable experience possible is a person who usually works behind the scenes, that person is the manager. Managers take charge and focus on reaching the company’s goals while making sure that everything runs smoothly during this process. The success or failure of the company greatly depends upon the manager’s ability to conquer the role he or she must play in the different functional areas of business. Successful managers share common characteristics that help them move their organization to the top. One of the most important characteristics of a manager is leadership. A leader is a person who takes charge, even when conflicts arrive. The role of a manager in terms of leadership extends beyond taking charge and solving conflicts. A manager must be able to influence and inspire employees to work toward reaching and meeting the company’s goals. A manager must possess excellent people skills. “The people skills focus on fostering a climate of active participation and minimal dysfunctional conflict and imply an environment of trust, consistent processes, communicating expectations, and clarity in communications” (Tiffan, 2011, para.). Managers must be people who motivate employees as well as future company stakeholders from the very beginning. For example, when a person goes to a company for an interview the manager’s role is to use human resources management to hire, train, figure out the salary and even fire an employee if necessary. These are also some of the reasons managers must have complete knowledge of the business laws that are applicable to their company. The more a...

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