“A Man Without Words” Reflection

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“A Man Without Words” Reflection
In the short documentary “A Man Without Words” I learned about a man named Ildefonso who was raised without ever learning language. The thought of someone living their life in a world of languages just seems unfathomable to me. I feel as if humans are just careless these days if they let someone such as Ildefonso go such a long time without a form of communication. I believe language is taken fore granted by many people including myself these days. Personally, I could never imagine losing my sense of sound because I rely on it far too much. The story of Ildefonso greatly saddens and infuriates me because I feel that nobody should have to go through life without language. Language is a form of connection between people, and growing up without language would separate one without words from the rest of society. Ildefonso’s situation infuriates me because I just feel like nobody cared enough to really try to teach him language for many years. Until Susan came along Ildefonso had no language. The simple fact that Susan had the motivation to teach and connect with Ildefonso makes me happy. Also, the way Susan thought of connecting and teaching Ildefonso was just pure genius. I personally would have never thought of teaching in that manner, but it worked eventually. All in all I think this story teaches the power and necessity of language. I think that by viewing this film it has made me think about things differently.
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