A Man Who Unexpectdly Lost His Wealth

Topics: Learning, Discovery, Swallowing Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: September 11, 2012
A rich man unexpectedly lost his wealth

Chucky was an ordinary teenager until he learned a valueable lesson from an extraordinary experience.He had lived a life of mediocrity and badly wanted his situation to change for the better.He often fantasied about being rich and would spend days scheming plans to become rich and thus the envy of others.One fine day,he got his desired wish..he had struck a million dollar lottery! There was an unbelievable change in his personality and atitude.He would act as though he was a superior human compared to others.He turned from the boy next door to a snobish,rude young man.He was now blinded by his enormous wealth.He would snobishly ignore his once best friends,he treated his parents rudely and even bought a separate mansion to leave in ..alone.He decided to live an isolated life with his new-found wealth.All his friends and parents were shocked and disappointed in this indifferent Chucky. There came another twist in Chucky's life when he discovered that the lottery company had made a mistake and he had to return all the money promptly.He was heart-broken.He hesistantly mortgaged his mansion.He was shattered,alone and even homeless.All the bad deeds he had done now surfaced to him and made him realised what a jerk he had been and duely deserved this punishment.He could only hope that his friends and parents would forgive him.He wandered on the streets for days embarrassed at himself,before gaining the courage to return to his parents home and apologise sincerely. When his dad opened the door and saw Chucky despairing look,he shed a tear before hugging him tightly and yelling ecstaticly ,"welcome back son!"Chucky hadn't even uttered a word but was overwhelmed with joy .His parents had forgiven him,he now only hoped his friends would too.The next day at school,he walked nervously to the usual 'hangout place' he would meet his friends at school before he had struck the lottery.As his friends walked towards...
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