A Main Reason for the Gap in Earnings Between Men and Women Is That Women Tend to Prefer Careers Where Salaries Are Lower Than Those Typically Favored by Men, Thus Leading to Lower Overall Average Salaries for Women.

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Assignment Title: A main reason for the gap in earnings between men and women is that women tend to prefer careers where salaries are lower than those typically favored by men, thus leading to lower overall average salaries for women.

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During the developing of human civilization, gender equality is increasingly accepted around the world; nevertheless there is still a public issue which the difference in earnings between men and women. Normally, the main reason of the gap in paying is considered career choice, which women trend to choose jobs with low salaries, so that this lead to lower overall average wages for women. However, children and male-dominated environment play more significant roles in this gap. This essay will talk about these main reasons of the gender gap in earnings through some figures.

Firstly, children are obviously a main reason for the gap in paying between men and women. In general, it is difficult for women with children to gain the opportunities of job or promotion. It is likely that they probably have to put more attention onto their children. Thus this affects directly or indirectly the time and energy of women with children, so that it is hard for women with children to contribute their works, and the incomes of these mothers are naturally influenced. This situation has been completely showed through figure 4 (Lips, 2009). According to this bar chart, it demonstrates that there ware different usual weekly earnings on full-time workers by gender and presence of children in 2005. First of all, women with children under 18 ($574) got less weekly earning than women without children under 18 ($591). In addition, the situation was different on men. There were higher weekly salaries on men with children under 18 ($811) than...
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