A Look Into the Life Ofa Serial Killer

Topics: Ted Bundy, Serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer Pages: 4 (1180 words) Published: January 2, 2013
A Look into the Life of a Serial Killer
The inner workings of a serial killers mind and past experiences.

Thursday December 20, 2012

The police say a serial killer is a man or woman who has killed a minimum of three unrelated people. They are people who are missing an essential part of what makes people human, the ability to empathize.

There are three symptoms that are exhibited among children which are believed to be the first sign of a child’s transition into a serial killer. The two most dominant of the three are sadistic cruelty towards animals and pyromania. Cruelty towards animals

Many children enjoy fooling around with animals and pulling wings off flies or slicing a worm in half to see it scrunch up however, the moment when this playful act turns sadistic is when parents should start worrying. To feel pleasure from another’s pain is malice. For example, Jeffrey Dahmer was a strange little boy, he liked to collect road kill off the streets and take them home to play with. He sometimes nailed bullfrogs to trees and would cut open live fish so that he could see the guts spill out and learn how the innards of a fish looked. Some children resort to animal cruelty because they want to transfer their anger into inflicting pain on another life form or they want to feel the power that their parents feel when they abuse or physically harm the child. Edmund Kemper’s parents started him on the path to lunacy. When Kemper was little, his parents forced him to kill his pet chicken and eat him even though they saw how traumatic the situation was for their son. These acts of cruelty lead to much more. From early on they learn to act out when they are mad because they are unconsciously terrified with people because of what happened in their childhood and when they grow up they realize that they can get more satisfaction from killing a human than from torturing and killing animals. “They kill to temporarily alleviate that...

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