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A Long Waygone

By innerpeace1 Jun 20, 2013 1297 Words
Quotation Assignment
1. “We must strive to be like the moon.” An old man in Kabati said on page 16. This quote means that the moon reminds Beah of what kind of life he had back then when there was no war to run away from and he was still enjoying his child hood days with his family. I could connect the moon to my life and the world in a way that the moon is like light in the darkness during the night time. The night sometimes brings fear to people but the moon break that fear and turns it to joy when it shines bright in the night. People gather and children’s play. A lot of good memories are spent during the night when to moon is up the sky. I also used to laugh and play lots of games when the moon was full and shone brightest during the night time. The valuable life lesson I can make with the moon is that no matter how dark or dire the night there will still maybe a light of hope that will surely come and brighten up the gloom. Yes, the moon reminds me of the girl I first dated when I used to tell her that every time she misses me, she could just look at the moon then we will be connected together since I’ll be looking at it too. No matter how far we are to each other, we’ll still be looking at the same moon. 2. “If you are alive, there is hope for a better day and something good to happen, if there is nothing good left in the destiny of a person, he or she will die.” Beah recalled what his father used to say on page 54. In this quote these word from his father motivated him and gave him hope from the dire situation that was happening to him that time. It was also a preparation and realization of death being inevitable on his journey and so he must accept it. This quote connects to my life and the real word in a way that giving up on the current situation your in will only bring more negative effects in your life and will cause your downfall. The valuable lesson you can make from this quote is to never give up on living and as long as you breathe, there will be a chance for a brighter tomorrow. Yes, it does remind me of something personal especially when I started to give up on my studies and almost decided not continuing them anymore. My family gave me hope and inspired to finish my goal in life to complete my education. 3. “Every time people come at us with the intention of killing us, I close my eyes and wait for death. Even though I am still alive, I feel like each time I accept death, part of me dies. Very soon I will completely die and all that be left is my empty body walking with you. It will quieter than I am.” Saidu said this in page 70. The importance of this quote in the story is that they realize that they were not living life anymore but instead they are more like walking corpses just waiting to rot away along with the world. The valuable lesson I could take from it is that accepting death is ok but leaving your humanity behind is not. Death my come anytime in your life but not living the life you want before you die is more painful than dying itself and Beah together with his friends accept the fact of death and abandoned life. They want to be safe but their life was gone. The quote reinforce the values of life and not to accept death easily instead fight for your life and struggle to achieve something great until your time runs out from this world. It does remind of something personal but not about death situation but when people look down at you like you’re some cockroach that is not worthy enough to live in this world. I felt like that before and it’s not a pleasant feeling. This is probably what also Beah and his friends felt every time they encounter death. 4. “His temporary journey in this world ended.” This is what Beah’s grandmother would say on page 88. This quotes means in the book that our life on earth is short lived and at some point in time, it will be over. We can’t avoid and it will happen no matter how hard we try not to reach that parting time it will eventually come to us. The quote was also a wake up call for them that every time that someone in their group died they had to live and continue on. The connection of these quotes to the world and my life is that every life on earth will end and acceptance is a must. The journey of a man may end up as he is dead but the legacy he may have left behind will be remembered by others. The two most important life values I can make about this quote is to live your life to the outmost limits and make a difference. The second one is that the people that left behind should continue to living and not to cry for someone’s death. Yes, it does remind of something personal because this is also what the old folk in my town always say. It also remind me that when my relative died this is what my grandpa always says. They had ended their journey and that they have left us memories we should treasure. 5. “It is better to carry more ammunition than food and water. Because with more ammo, we will be able to find water and food, but with more water and food, we will not make it to the end of the day.” The corporal explained this on page 116. The relevance of this quote in the book is that with the ammunition they could kill more rebels and they won’t have anytime to think about eating because they are constantly being attacked and they need to be ready to defend and shoot. Thus, without ammo they won’t be able to do that and it reduces their chance of winning and increase the chance of the dying in the battle field. It connects to me and the world in a way that the ammo represents education and food represents money. This means that education is more important than money because with more knowledge you could become anything you want and if you have no education, you won’t be able to do anything. Money will be useless eventually in your life when you get older but education you will keep education until your last breath. Another is with education you can defend yourself with almost everything unlike money it won’t really provide you with the thing you need the most. The life lesson I could make from this is that when war is going on or anything of sort you should prepare what you will need the most and not bring the stuff that is less necessary and will only be a hindrance on what you are doing. Make you goal simple and be smart with every decision you make. Yes, of course it reminds me of what I’m currently doing right now and that is getting my education, armed with the knowledge that I learned through out the years of schooling I had done. It was a good choice that I prioritize my education instead of working and getting money because I know that education is more important than all the riches in the world.

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