A Long Walk to Water

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A Long Walk to Water Packet
Chapter One:
1.The main character in the first storyline is Nya.
2. Nya is eleven years old.
3.The main character in the second storyline is Salva.
4. Salva is at school when the story begins.
5. Salva is tibe is called Dinka.
6. Salva is eleven years old.
7. Salva realizes he lucky because he has a lot of of cows, which means his family is well off. 8. Salva family is considered rich for having a lot of cows. He has two sisters who keep care of the house with his mom. He has two brothers, one who is older and one who is younger. His dad is a judge. 9. Salva is looking forward for a glass of milk when he gets home. 10. What interrupts Salva normal day is gunshots near the school. 11. Sala and his other classmates go to a bush to hind.

12. Where Salva lives, a civil war is happening.
Extension/ Discussion Question:
1. Based on the first chapter and the title of the novel, Nya is going to get some water for her family. It says “the big plastic container held only air.” meaning that the container had nothing in it. I assume that she is getting water because she is carrying a big plastic container and she is walking for a long time. Chapter Two:

1. What happens to Nya in this chapter is what she gets a thorn stuck in her heel. 2. People who were walking with Salva decided to divide themselves by villages. 3.The home of Salva village was Loun-Ariik.

4. What the soldiers do to the people is get the men to fight with them. 5. What Salva tries to do in the rebel camp is to go to the group with men. 6. The men the next morning are forced to fight with the rebels. 7. The women and children sleep in the barn after leaving the rebel camp. 8. Salva gets ditched when he wakes up from the itchiness of the hay. Extension/ Discussion Question:

1. I think other people left Salva behind because he was the only child. In the text it says that most of the group were teenagers and women. I think that they would leave Salva because they would think he would whine and fall behind. It makes me mad to think that they would orphan a child because he doesn’t know what to do or where to go. Chapter Three:

1. The pond where Nya gets water is very muddy and dirty.
2. No the water that Nya gets sounds gross to drink because it's full of dirt. 3. Nya carries water home by balancing it on her head with a rag and her hand. 4. Salva thinks the others left him behind because he is a child. 5. When Slava leaves the barn, he sees an old women.

6. He knows the women is part of the Dinka tribe because of the face scars she has. 7. When Salva first approaches the women she gives him two handfuls of peanuts. 8. Salva stays with the women for three days.

9. Salva and the women have to be separated because the soldiers won’t bother her if she was by herself. 10. Slava hears the sound of voices when he is pondering about the woman's words. Extension/ Discussion Question:

1. The women might be unfriendly to Salva even though they're in there own tribe. This is because he is a child that is sleeping in her barn that he is not welcome in. Also she might not want Salva on her land. Chapter Four:

1. Nya’s mother emptied the water into three jars.
2. Nya has to wat bowl of boiled sorghum meal with milk on top when she gets home from her walk. 3. Nya mother feels Nya to bring her five year old sister with her to her next walk. 4.The strangers say no when the old women asked them to take Salva with him. 5. One man agrees to bring Salva with them because he is apart on their tribe. 6. The old woman gives Slava a stack of peanuts before he leaves with the group. 7. Another tribe joins the group after a week on walking.

8. The young man Salva walks next to on the day the group eats well is Buska. 9. Buska finds the food for the group and the food he finds is honey. Extension/ Discussion Question:
1. Nya does not want to take her sister to the pond because she is too small and she walked slow. This relates to...
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