A Llama and the Mango Tree

Topics: Mango Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: January 30, 2011
Once there was a little lama named Landon, who could not get to sleep. He heard there was a mango tree that could help him sleep.

Landon headed off to find the mango tree. He came upon a sloth named Sid and asked him which way to the mango tree. The sloth pointed one way but said,”It’s that way,” and pointed the other direction.

Landon went in the first direction the sloth pointed and he came upon a mango tree. A tiger said, “Eat one of the mangos and you won’t need to sleep again.” Landon did not want to stay awake!

Landon started to wander the other way into the jungle. He came upon a bird named Buster.

Buster offered to fly Landon across the jungle to the other mango tree, but there was a problem. Landon was afraid to fly. Buster talked him into flying across the jungle.

Buster dropped off Landon at the base of the mango tree. Landon had to climb the tree to get a mango.

Landon climbed up the mango tree and got a mango. He thought about what might happen if he fell asleep in the mango tree. He might fall down! So he decided to climb back down.

After Landon climbed down the tree, he laid up against the bottom of the mango tree. He took a bite out of the mango and fell asleep.

When he wakes up the next morning, he climbed up the tree and got a few more mangos to take with him. He always ate a mango before he went to sleep.
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