A Little Cloud: Review

Topics: Marriage, Dubliners, Love Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: December 12, 2010
A Little Cloud
1.Context in Dubliners: This is the first section in Maturity 2.A brief synopsis: It has been eight years that Little Chandler and his friend, Gallaher have seen each other. While Little Chandler walks to the bar to meet up with his friend, he wonders how much he is impressed with Gallaher’s writing career. He loves poetry; nonetheless, he gave it all up when he got married. While they are sitting at the bar, drinking whiskey and smoking cigars, both Gallaher and Little Chandler talks about foreign cities, marriages and their future. Little Chandler is amazed how bad Gallaher looks. Galleher blames its on stress. Gallaher states that he rather has bunch of women rather than being bored with one. After the long conversation, Gallaher have to leave. Later that night, Little Chandler watches his son while waiting for his wife to come home. He sits and wonders; questioning his marriage. When his wife finally arrives home, she scream at Little Chandler, which made Little Chandler realize that what he was thinking was reckless. 3.Character List:

a.Gallaher: An old friend of Little Chandler. A man that Little Chandler is jealous because of his successful in pursing his dream in a writing career and foreign traveler. b.Little Chandler: A married man who gave up his dream as a writer for the woman he married. After seeing his old friend Gallaher, Little Chandler thinks and wonders that if he hasn’t got married. He would have followed his dream. His epiphany that made him realize that he like the way he is right now and he will never change his life. 4.Religious Connotations/symbols:

a.“Little Chandler allowed his whisky to be very much diluted” (60). i.Shows that he have very high expectation
b.“‘You’re the very same serious person that used to lecture me on Sunday mornings when I had a sore…’” (61). i.Sunday signify as the day people would go to church.
5.Example of Figurative Language:
a.“The light and noise of the bar held him at...
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