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Topics: Education, High school, Teacher Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: December 6, 2013
By Patricia Hawke
We all know how important it is not to miss class. Missing one class in junior high or high school can create hardships for the students in future classes, as depending on what was taught that day could really make a student fall behind if they missed the information. At most schools, there is no limit to the amount of days you can miss in a semester, as long as you make up the work from when you are absent, and pass your tests, you will pass the course. Missing school days not only makes the student fall behind in class but it make the student more prone to miss more school days, since they have done it in the past and was able to make up the work and have no real repercussions. If schools implemented some sort of repercussions for students who miss a certain amount of school, it would greatly reduce the number of absences and help the students to be able to do better in school. When a student misses school and misses an important lecture, educational video, class speaker, group work or any other sort of classroom education, they can fall behind a lot. Missing school and missing out on certain activities or lessons that took place during that day will create a missing piece of information in the students mind for that class, for instance, if there is a history class and the day that the student misses is the day that they begin to talk about the civil war, the student will always have the work their classmates collaborated with and teachers lectured missing. Regardless of if a student can read the material and make up the classwork at home, they still wont get the full point from that day by doing it alone. Teachers teach in a certain way and by missing one day of class it can effect the flow of your course, missing days not only creates an educational bump in the road for you, but it makes the students feel less confident since they aren't fully understanding the material the same...
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