A Literary Life

Topics: Emotion, Love, Female Pages: 3 (980 words) Published: April 23, 2007
In this day of age, many people take "love" for granted, and let alone, take sex for granted. Sex is an emotionally attaching bond in which women are provided a fulfillment in which they feel loved. This is the value that Dawn Eden vividly expresses and argues in "Casual Sex is a Con: Women Just Aren't like Men." Eden feels that unfulfilled need and emptiness as a result of casual sex and untrue love. Her basis for argument is not so much that women can't "shag" like men, but that women should not try to due to its harmful, emotional consequences. Eden strives to convince women, through her own trials and tribulations, that sex is worth the wait and not worth the pain

In Eden's opening paragraph, she begins with a comparison to catch her reader's attention. By stating water is now $5 a bottle when it once was free, she attempts to set the bar for a comparison. That comparison is to display how even the simplest things in life are so costly, and yet, "the price of free love was even higher." This is short attempt to put love in perspective.

Eden carries a tone of remorse and regret throughout her essay. This is obvious by the word selection in the first two paragraphs. Words such as "sacrificed" and "dissatisfied" conveys her overall attitude on how her sexual mistakes make her presently feel. She is stern in her description of her life story, and this adds to her credibility in her argument.

Therefore, by telling her own story, Dawn establishes herself as her own source. There is no need for statistics or revelations, because she is her own expert. She firmly sticks to her story and nothing else. This is a good way to earn her readers' respect and attention. It's these personal anecdotes that give Eden much more power and credibility. She also must have faith that the reader will realize that there is no more credible source than being a living part of it. This is a risk that may make or break her essay. Readers could very well assume that she is just...
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